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Mrs. Rola Fakhri Al-Talafha

Mrs. Rola Fakhri Al-Talafha


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Mrs. Rola Fakhri Al-Talafha is a Nutrition Specialist with a vast experience in weight management. She has over 12 years of professional experience working as a Dietician in various medical facilities in Jordan and the UAE. Prior to joining Bareen International Hospital, she has worked with renowned Bariatric Surgeons on dietary counselling and management of morbidly obese cases.

Mrs. Rola completed her BSc in Nutrition and Food Science at Jordan University of Science and Technology in 2006. She started her medical practice as a Nutrition Specialist in a specialized weight loss center in Abu Dhabi. In 2011, she worked as a Dietician in a medical center, then as a Nutritionist in a large group of hotels. In 2016, she worked in a clinic where she managed the nutrition requirements of overweight, obese, and underweight children, teenagers, and adults. Two years later, she continued her practice as a Nutrition Specialist in a large private hospital in the emirate, where she managed the diet programs of patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease. She has an extensive experience in nutrition counselling for pregnant and lactating women. Mrs. Rola is a member of Jordanian Dietician Association and Jordanian Agricultural Engineers Association.

Languages Spoken

  • Arabic
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