Baby Omar Joha - the first baby of 2019 born at the strike of midnight in Bareen International Hospital

Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

Bareen International Hospital makes history as we welcome Baby Omar Joha - the first baby of 2019 born at the strike of midnight in Bareen International Hospital - MBZ City.

At the strike of midnight announcing the start of the new year, Baby Omar Joha was born in Abu Dhabi’s future healthcare city, Mohammad Bin Zayed City.  The first baby to be born in 2019, he arrived on the 1st of January 2019, 00:00 am weighing in at 3530 gms, to Mr. and Mrs. Mohammad Joha, Syrian nationals living in Abu Dhabi.

Baby Omar is the couple’s second child and the parents are very excited that their child is the first newborn in 2019.

“Both my wife and our baby are in great health and are now resting. That Baby Omar is the first baby to be born in 2019 right in the future healthcare city of Abu Dhabi makes this special occasion more meaningful for us,” said the ecstatic father, Mohammad Joha. “We are grateful to Dr. Hala El-Sayed Ali Hassan (Specialist - Obstetrics and Gynecology), Dr. Mohamed Embabi (Specialist - Pediatrics), Dr. Dhananjay Kumar (Specialist - Anesthesia), and the whole medical team at Bareen International Hospital for ensuring the safe delivery of our baby boy. This is the best New Year’s gift to our family.”

“Bringing a child into this world is momentous in itself but giving birth to the first newborn of 2019 is truly extra special,” said Dr. Hala El-Sayed Ali Hassan, Specialist - Obstetrics and Gynecology of Bareen International Hospital. “We wish the new family healthy years ahead and we wish them happiness and prosperity on the birth of their new child. On behalf of Mohammad Bin Zayed City community, Bareen International Hospital is proud to be a part of this historical moment.”

This story has been picked up by top journalists and published in major publications - whose space many hospitals, specialist centers, and clinics in the UAE are competing for.  Moreover, it is with deep pride and honor that Bareen International Hospital, through Baby Omar's story, is the only new year baby highlighted in the pages of the National newspaper.

This is yet another milestone for the now soaring brand called Bareen - and surely one of the best ways to welcome the new year!