Bareen International Hospital celebrates UAE National Day

Monday, December 3rd, 2018

Bareen International Hospital celebrates UAE National Day with a showcase of traditional Emirati culture at Bareen grounds.  

The special event highlights the following cultural activities:

  • Al Ayyala Dance, the traditional group dance of the UAE which involves chanted poetry, drum music, and dance.  It is usually performed after a victory in a tribal war or after returning from a successful pearl diving.
  • The Falcon, the national symbol of the UAE, represents survival, training, honor, and sportsmanship.  The falcon is a prized possession of the Bedouins and is traditionally used for hunting and a source of survival in the desert.
  • Henna painting, which is made from crushed leaves of henna tree and is applied using a pointed cone.  The artist creates an intricate design on the hands and feet relevant to the occasion.
  • Traditional UAE dumpling, Luqaimat are deep-fried dumplings that are crispy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside. Meaning "bite-sized" in Arabic, they are often served as precursor to other desserts.
  • Gahwa or Arabic coffee is a very important aspect of hospitality in the Emirati culture.  It is traditionally prepared in front of house guests in a pot called Dallah, then served in petite handle-less cup called Finjaan.
  • Majlis is where elders with extensive local knowledge, Sheikhs, scholars, and family members traditionally gather as a way of togetherness and where they discuss important issues and exchange ideas and information. 

In support for Bareen's special event, Mr. Hameed Al Mansoori from Abu Dhabi Municipality, graced the cultural event along with Bareen management, doctors, admin staff, medical staff, guests/patients, and the general public.