Bilateral hip replacement surgery successfully performed on a high-spirited 8-year-old Girl

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

Bareen International Hospital Successfully performs a bilateral hip replacement surgery on a high-spirited 8-year-old Shahad Aiman Khameis. Shahad visited Bareen International Hospital on 16/11/2016 with a complaint of bilateral hip pain and moderate limping. Under the hands of our doctor ,Shahad underwent 2 surgeries, the first surgery was performed on 18/12/2016 on the patient's right hip and without any complications, the surgery went well. On 28/01/2017 Shahad was re-admitted for the second surgery which was performed on her left hip, once again the surgery was very smooth and successful.

Our strong Little Princess Shahad is recovering very well as you can see in the video below, spreading her love to all….